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To improve your relationship with food and yourself.

Your Superfood Super Duo — Butterman and Mr. Django, the bullshit biting super dog. By day they’re churning butter, by night they’re removing the bullshit in our lives, one processed meal at a time.

The story begins like any other love story: with a guy and his dog. When Django (the dog) would take his dad (Jared) on long walks and hikes, they would talk constantly about starting their own doggy bikini fashion line. However, after serious research, they realized there was not much of a market and they may be ahead of their time (the dream is still alive!). So, as “hungry” entrepreneurs with a passion for the environment, they decided on their second idea, an awesome nut butter company with stupid powerful ingredients that can’t be found anywhere else and that also donates 10% of profits to environmental protection.

We know what you’re thinking – why give up on the doggy bikini line? Great question, we may revisit that later… For now, we’re focusing on the one product that Jared eats all day and night and solves his own problem: a nut butter blend with three awesome nuts (cashews, walnuts, and macadamia nuts), unique flavors packed with superfoods, and an orgasmic (organic* damn autocorrect) taste without having to add any sugar! (Seriously guys, we don’t need any more of that gross refined sh!t in our diets.)

On top of that, Django and Jared asked themselves, why can’t these companies use their profits as a force for good? Even if you donate just a little bit of your profit, you can still afford that double caramel almond milk macchiato at the local coffee shop and be just fine, and caffeinated. For this reason, the cofounders are making it a cornerstone of their business to donate 10% of profits to support environmental protection and sustainable agriculture projects because without a healthy Earth, we can’t have healthy food. If we don’t have healthy food, then we don’t have a healthy us. And if we’re not healthy, then we’re not happy. If we’re not happy, then we’re not our true selves. Damn, that just turned into a deep “if this then that” statement. We’re deep over here, and we live by what we say. This company isn’t for everyone; it’s for the mindful eater who wants to help him or herself physically and mentally, and the planet. We’re growing community, raising awareness, and saving the Earth one jar at a time (and one puppy at a time, because a world without cute pups is not a world we want to be a part of).

So why the name Butterfly?

We make some fly ass nut butter, heyyyyyyyy! No that's just a cute play on words. The real reason is this: A butterfly is a metaphor for life. Like a caterpillar, we start small, slow, and ugly. Through turbulent and challenging times and a whole lot of patience, we transform and evolve into our beautiful and true selves ready to crush life. Along that journey, we can't be our true selves without proper nutrition. Metamorphosis at its finest!

Thanks for listening to our spiel.


Butterfly Superfoods Nut Butters


Django’s motto is “play hard, chill hard.” He loves going to the beaches, mountains, and dog parks and running his heart out until he has to go home.

Django is Mr. Social and always makes dog friends and human friends wherever he goes. When he’s home, he’s the first one sprawled out on the couch ready for some Netflix and a good bone.

Jared TallaButterfly Superfoods Nut Butters

A two-week farming work exchange turned into a five-month self discovery working on family farms in Spain and all around the US for Jared. A Los Angeles native (they exist?) with a business background, Jared got a firsthand look at organic farming and how to be a great steward of the earth. He has used his trip as inspiration to create a company that is amazing fuel for your body and mind and a force for good for our planet.

When not in the butter factory, you can find Jared on an adventure outdoors with Django or home watching the latest murder mystery documentary on Netflix.

 Hey look, it's Jared doing his first ever podcast!



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