About us

How it All Began...

The story begins like any other love story: with a guy and his dog. As Django walked his human, Jared would rattle off his ideas for companies. Their personal favorite was the doggy bikini fashion line. However, after researching the market and finding they may be ahead of their time (still dreaming though!), they turned to their other ideas. With a passion for the environment, they settled on a nut butter company with stupid-powerful ingredients that would donate a percentage of profits to environmental protection. Butterfly Nut Butter founder, Jared, was inspired by his time working on organic family farms all over the US and Spain. It was there he discovered the power of foods that fuel us and the food systems that take care of the earth. With the belief that it should not be hard to eat healthy, he set out to create a superfood company––good for the body, the mind, and a force of good for the planet.

The result? A nutritious nut butter that could be eaten with every meal. From four key ingredients, Butterfly Nut Butter was born. Cashews, walnuts, macadamia nuts, MCT oil, and a pinch of sea salt make up our mission: Simplify the journey to nourishment.


Meet the co-founders

Dynamic duo!



CEO, co-founder of Butterfly

A two-week farming work exchange turned into a five-month self discovery working on family farms in Spain and all around the US for Jared. A Los Angeles native (they exist?) with a business background, Jared got a firsthand look at organic farming and how to be a great steward of the earth. He has used his trip as inspiration to create a company that is amazing fuel for your body and mind and a force for good for our planet. When not in the butter factory, you can find Jared on an adventure outdoors with Django or home watching the latest murder mystery documentary on Netflix.




Lover of beaches, mountains, dog parks, and running his heart out, Django is a social butterfly making friends wherever he goes. When he’s home, he’s the first one sprawled out on the couch ready for some Netflix and good spoon of nut butter.